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Using Named Selection Sets  


You can assign a name to the current selection, and then later reselect those objects by choosing their selection name from a list.


Named Selection Sets

01_edit_content You can also edit the contents of named sets from the Named Selection Sets dialog.

Editing Named Selections

As you model and create a scene, you’re likely to rearrange the objects making up your named selection sets. If you do, you’ll need to edit the contents of those sets.


To assign a name to a selection set:

  1. Select one or more objects or sub-objects using any combination of selection methods.
  2. Click in the Named Selection field on the main toolbar.
  3. Enter a name for your set. The name can contain any standard ASCII characters, including letters, numerals, symbols, punctuation, and spaces.

Note : Names are case-sensitive.

  1. Press Enter to complete the selection set.

You can now select another combination of objects or sub-objects and repeat the process to create another named selection set.

To retrieve a named selection set:

  1. In the Named Selection field, click the arrow.

Note : If you're working with a sub-object selection set, you must be at the same level at which you created the selection set (for example, editable mesh > vertex) for it to appear on the list.

  1. On the list, click a name.

To edit named selection sets:

  • 01_edit_name_selection On the main toolbar, click NaEdit med Selection Sets to open the Named Selection Sets dialog.

source : 3dsMax Help.chm

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