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Grab Viewport  

Tools menu > Grab Viewport

Grab Viewport creates a snapshot of the active viewport in the Rendered Frame Window, where you can save it as an Image file.


To create a snapshot of a viewport:

  1. Activate the viewport you want to capture.
  2. Choose Tools menu > Grab Viewport. A dialog appears that allows you to add a label to your snapshot.
  3. Enter a label for your snapshot, if desired. The label appears in the lower-right corner of the image as you enter it into the dialog.
  4. Click Grab. The Rendered Frame Window opens to display a snapshot of your viewport.
  5. Use the controls in the Rendered Frame Window to save your image.




Enter text here to add a label to your screenshot. The text you enter is displayed in the lower-right corner of your screenshot.


Opens the Rendered Frame Window with a snapshot of the active viewport.


Cancels the Grab Viewport command.

source : 3ds Max Help

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