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The Initialization File  

The file 3ds Max uses to store settings between sessions is named 3dsmax.ini. By default, you can find it in the location indicated by the MaxData setting on the Configure System Paths dialog.

You can make changes to 3ds Max startup conditions by editing the 3dsmax.ini file in a text editor such as Notepad. If you do edit the file, be sure to maintain the structure and syntax of the original file.

TipIf you encounter unusual and unexplained user-interface problems using 3ds Max, try deleting the 3dsmax.ini file and restarting. 3ds Max writes a new INI file to replace the deleted one. Often this fixes problems related to the state of the user interface.

NoteStartup scene conditions are defined by the maxstart.max file. To save a particular startup condition, such as a Plane object representing the ground, create a scene file with the condition present and then save it as maxstart.max. 3ds Max automatically opens this file when you start 3ds Max.

The 3dsmax.ini file includes the following categories of settings:


Defines the default paths for various file operations.


Controls that speed up viewport performance.


Turns on or off the keyboard shortcuts for plug-ins.


Controls for rendering alpha and filter backgrounds.


Defines the paths for Rendering Preset files.


Defines the default map paths for bitmaps used by materials.


Controls modifier stack button sets and icon display.


Settings for software display, OpenGL, or Direct3D drivers.


Defines path for the .mnu file.


Defines the path for the .clr file.


Defines the path for the .kbd file.

[Material Editor]

Material Editor settings.


Settings associated with snaps.


Sets number of columns, and controls rollout display in multiple columns.

source: Autodesk 3ds Max Help

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