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Rewind Tool  

The Rewind tool restores the most recent view. You can also move backward and forward through a series of saved views.

As you pan, zoom, orbit, and use the other navigation tools (including the ViewCube) to change the view of a scene, each previous view is saved automatically to the navigation history. The navigation history holds the previous views along with a thumbnail image for each. A separate navigation history is maintained for each viewport; the histories are not saved with the scene.

With the Rewind tool, you can retrieve the navigation history of a model. You can restore the previous view or you can scroll through any of the views saved to the navigation history.

When you hold down the button on the pointing device over the Rewind tool on the wheel, the Rewind interface is displayed as a horizontal strip of thumbnails showing each stored view. You can scroll through the navigation history. To restore one of the previous views in the navigation history, drag the bracket horizontally in the Rewind interface. Dragging to the left goes to previous views, and if you’ve rewound but haven’t changed the view, you can restore later stored views by “unwinding” to the right.

If you rewind to a previous view and then use a navigation tool, the software deletes the history after the current frame. However, it still remembers all saved views prior to the current frame.



To restore the previous view:

  1. Display a wheel.
  2. Click the Rewind wedge.
  3. Click Close to exit the wheel.

To restore a previous view with the Rewind interface:

  1. Display a wheel.
  2. Click the Rewind wedge. Hold down the button on your pointing device. The Rewind interface is displayed.
  3. While holding down the button on your pointing device, drag to the left or to the right to restore a previous view. Dragging to the left restores an older previous view. Dragging to the right restores one of the more-recent previous views.The current position in the navigation history is indicated by the orange box that is dragged along the Rewind UI.
  4. To exit the wheel, click Close.

source : 3ds Max Help

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