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Set the View Projection Mode  

View projection produces realistic visual effects of a model.

The ViewCube supports two different view projections:

  • Perspective - Perspective projected views involve foreshortening (closer objects appear larger than more distant ones) and are calculated based on the distance between a theoretical camera and target point. The shorter the distance between the camera and the target point, the more severe the perspective effect appears; greater distances produce less severe affects on the model.
  • Orthographic - Orthographic projected views display all the points of a model being projected parallel to the screen.

The following illustration shows the same model viewed from the same viewing direction, but with different view projections.


When you change the view for a scene, the view is updated using the current projection mode.


To change the view projection mode

  1. Right-click the ViewCube and click one of the following options:
    • Orthographic
    • Perspective


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