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Update Background Image  


Views menu > Update Background Image (available only when a viewport background is displayed)

This command updates the background image displayed in the active viewport. If the active viewport is not displaying a background image, this command is unavailable.

Use this command to update the background for changes that are not updated automatically, such as the following:

  • Reassigning the map, or changing any parameters affecting the map in the Materials Editor, the Environment dialog, or the Viewport Background dialog.
  • Changing the rendering resolution and aspect ratio. The following changes update the viewport background image automatically:
  • Changing the camera view.
  • Undo (for views).
  • Undo (for objects).
  • Assigning a different view type.
  • Toggling Safe Frames display on or off.
  • Changing the rendering parameters.
  • Moving the time slider when the viewport contains an animated background image.
Note : Viewports can use the current Environment Map (set on the Environment panel of the Environment and Effects dialog) as the background image.


To update the background image displayed in a viewport:

  1. Activate a viewport that contains a background image.
  2. Choose Views menu > Update Background Image.

source : 3ds Max Help

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