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ViewCube Menu  

Right-click the ViewCube.

The ViewCube menu provides options to define the orientation of the ViewCube, switch between orthographic and perspective projection, define the Home and Front views for the model, and control the appearance of the ViewCube.

The following options can be found on the shortcut menu of the ViewCube:

  • Home Restores the Home view saved with the model.
  • Orthographic Switches the current view to orthographic projection.
  • Perspective Switches the current view to perspective projection.
  • Set Current View as Home Defines the Home view of the model based on the current view.
  • Set Current View as Front Defines the Front view of the model based on the current view.
  • Reset Front Resets the Front view of the scene to its default orientation.
  • Configure Opens the Viewport Configuration dialog to the ViewCube panel, where you can adjust the appearance and behavior of the ViewCube.
  • Help Launches the online Help system and displays the topic on the ViewCube.


To display the ViewCube menu:

  • Right-click the compass, Home icon, or the main area of the ViewCube.


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