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Expert Mode  


Views menu > Expert Mode

Keyboard > Ctrl+X

When Expert mode is on, the title bar, toolbar, command panel, status bar, and all of the viewport navigation buttons are removed from the display, leaving only the menu bar, time slider, and viewports. Use Expert mode when you need to view your composition alone without the rest of the interface.

With the ability to customize the user interface in 3ds Max, you can create your own versions of Expert mode by hiding whatever you want item-by-item. Expert mode is only a quick way to hide everything that can be hidden at once.

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to hide and unhide the command panel, toolbars, and so on and then use these while in Expert mode. You can also use the quad menu to access tools quickly in Expert mode as well.


To turn on Expert mode, do one of the following:

  • Choose Views menu > Expert Mode.
  • Press Ctrl+X.

To turn off Expert mode and return to full display, do one of the following:

  • Click the Cancel Expert Mode button to the right of the time slider.
  • Press Ctrl+X.
  • Choose Views menu > Expert Mode.


source :  3dsMax Help.chm

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