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Restore Active View  

Views menu > Restore Active View (the name of the active viewport is part of the command.)

Restore Active View displays the view previously stored with Save Active View.

The viewport to be restored is displayed in the menu item (for example, "Restore Active Perspective View").

The active view is restored if the same viewport and layout are active.

If an active view won’t restore with this command, check the following:

  • Be sure the viewport is active.
  • Make sure the layout is the same as before. Use Viewport Configuration (right-click any viewport label and choose Configure) and choose Layout.
  • If the layout and active viewport are the same, be sure Viewport Clipping on the Viewport Right-Click Menu is set the same as it was when the viewport was saved.


To restore a saved view:

  1. Activate the viewport where you saved the view.
  2. Choose Views menu > Restore Active View. This option is available only in a viewport with a saved view.
  3. The viewport returns to the saved view. If you're not sure whether a viewport has a saved view, check the Views menu. Restore Active View is unavailable unless a view is saved in the active viewport.

source : 3ds Max Help

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