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Save Active View  

Views menu > Save Active View (the name of the active viewport is part of the command)

Save Active View stores the active view to an internal buffer. If you have framed a shot in any view other than a camera, use Save Active View to preserve the viewport’s appearance. The saved active view is saved with the scene file. Once saved, you can retrieve it using Restore Active View.

The viewport that will be restored is displayed in the menu item (for example, "Save Active Perspective View"). You can save and restore up to eight different views (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back, Orthographic, Perspective).

Viewport changes that are saved include viewport type, zoom and rotations, and field-of-view (FOV).

The options available on the viewport right-click menu, such as Show Safe Frame and Viewport Clipping, are not saved. If these settings are important to the view, make a note of what they are so you can reset them after restoring the view.


To save an active view:

  1. Activate the viewport with the view you want to save.
  2. Choose Views menu > Save Active View. The view is now saved and can be recalled using Restore Active View.

source : 3ds Max Help

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